I've missed to put additional information to my order details.
If you miss some important information about your order, please log in your account and add missing info and
Please contact our support service for updates before the order is shipped out.
This is important as we will not be able to help if you initiate changes after shipping.
In case your order was already dispached, please trace the package and contact local PO after it arrives to the originally shipped location to re-address it to your new destination as the owner of parcel. .
Do I get a confirmation that my order was accepted?
Sure, you will receive a confirmation email within next few minutes. If you don't receive any messages from our website, contact support service please.
Sometimes it happens that your anti-spam mail system doesn't let our messages to go through and a confirmation could be simply lost.
But if you contact our support service, we will confirm all the info as soon as our representatives see the request.
Can I order a medication without any approval?
No. Our staff has to check order details and product availability and our doctor has to see the reasons of ordering the product.