My order says APPROVED but still not shipped, why?
Please contact our support service for a product availability check.
Some popular goods become out of stock very quickly and this could be a reason for delay in shipping.
What if I received wrong item?
If you received not what was ordered contact us asap for a replacement (at no charge). 
Before we resend the package we need you to email us photos of received wrong item (with the packaging and clearly seen tracking number in the background) so we could contact the supplier for a reship.
It happens that we replace originally ordered product with a product from other countries in case if one is not in stock or takes more time to be shipped.
What is the delivery guarantee?
We understand that it is important for your medication to arrive asap.
If you have not received your order within 35 business days from the date it was shipped, we will send a replacement order (at no extra charge).
If both orders arrive, you keep both at no extra cost.
Can you ship to my country?
We ship all over the world where aviation mail can be delivered. However shipping delays/customs problems may arise when shipping to some countries.
Do I have to sign for the package when it is delivered?
Yes, you have to sign for the package. We have to be sure that the parcel was ha... more
Are all the items shipped in blisters?
No, some of the products we ship in loose packs for better custom clearance, it depends on a supplier and brand name.
How will the package arrive? Will people be able to tell its contents?

We value and respect your privacy, all packages are shipped in a sealed envelope having only your name and address. And we do not mention any costs on the package as well.

What is the cost of shipping?
It is $35.00 per item.
Delivery terms. When should I expect my order?
Usually it takes 3-6 business days for the order to be confirmed and approved an... more
Do you have the next day delivery?
No, we do not have the next day delivery. 
As we ship from overseas it takes time for customs in both countries - manufacturer's country and customer's country.